Letter: Thank You for Assistance

On Friday, Oct. 6, my seventh-grade son was badly in need of help, as he had just been through a severe ordeal in the village. He texted my wife and I that he needed us to pick him up. We advised him to get away from the kids involved, and that I’d pick him up at Foodtown.

As I pulled into the parking lot, I saw a customer had noticed that my son was visibly upset and in bad shape. This man offered help to my son and to wait with him until I arrived. My son declined, as he saw my car approaching.

The man went to his blue Subaru wagon while still keeping a watchful eye on my son. Due to the gravity of the situation, I did not approach him to say thank you.

I’d like to thank this gentleman for his concern and empathy. It was a comforting moment for my son in an otherwise highly disturbing situation. We hope that you, or someone who recognizes the description of your blue Subaru wagon, will see this letter.

Paul Mooney, Cold Spring

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