Vegetarian Take-Out

Go-Go Pops opens new restaurant

Lynn and Greg Miller, co-owners of Go-Go Pops in Cold Spring, have opened a mostly vegetarian take-out restaurant at 1289 Route 9 in Wappingers Falls. The menu at Veggie Go-Go includes salads, hot bowls, bean burgers, soups, smoothies and vegetarian square pies with locally grown grains, greens and proteins.

4 thoughts on “Vegetarian Take-Out

  1. Congratulations and best wishes to Lynn and Greg! Based on all the online buzz, this will be a welcome addition to our community.

  2. We hope you’ll make the short trek to come visit us. We tried and tried to find a spot in Philipstown but could not find the right combo of space, rent, location etc., etc. to make any of them work.

    We hope that since we’re located very near popular destinations for P-towners (Adams Fairacre Farm and Viscount) that folks will swing by and join us for a bite.