Nine Students Advance in Free-Throw Contest

Nine Philipstown boys and girls will advance to the district tournament on Feb. 16 after winning the local Knights of Columbus Free Throw Championship on Jan. 11 at the Capuchin Gym.

Twenty-five students participated in the competition, sponsored by Loretto Council No. 536. Each shot 15 free throws.

Eight of the winners of the Knights of Columbus free-throw contest on Jan. 11, from left: Bryce O’Halloran, William Bradley, Dillon Kelly, Marisa Scanga, Marisa Peters, Morgan Murphy, Camilla McDaniel and Fionnoula O’Reilly. Not pictured is Brody Corless. (Photo provided)

Among the 9-year-olds, Marisa Peters made five to take the girls’ title and Bryce O’Halloran made eight to lead the boys. Among the 10-year olds, Morgan Murphy won with three and Brody Corless with four.

Camilla McDaniel won the 11-year-old girls’ bracket with eight and Fionnoula O’Reilly advanced among the 12-year-old girls with seven. William Bradley won the 12-year-old boys’ bracket with 13.

Marisa Scanga won the 13-year-old girls’ bracket with seven and Dillon Kelly was best among 14-year-old boys with 11.

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