3rd boys lost to Ann Seton (Shrub Oak), 21-10.

4th grade boys defeated Holy Innocent (Pleasantville), 32-15
4th grade boys defeated Saint Lawrence (Brewster), 19-15
Team finishes season at 8-4

The sixth-grade girls’ team

6th grade girls lost to Holy Innocent (Pleasantville), 26-16
Maggie Gordineer (9 points)
6th grade girls lost to St. John (Mahopac), 32-18
Camilla McDaniel (9 points)
Team finishes 4-8

6th grade boys defeated Sacred Heart (Patterson)
Team finishes 9-3

7th grade girls defeated St. James (Carmel), 37-19
Moretta Pezzullo (18), Noula O’Reilly (12)
Team finishes 8-4

7th grade boys lost to St. Lawrence (Brewster), 49-34
Matteo Cervone (13), Will Bradley (10)
7th grade boys lost to Holy Rosary (Hawthorne), 48-38
Cervone (13), Ryan Eng-Wong (9), Jack Gordineer (8)
Team finishes 8-4

The eighth-grade boys’ team (Photo provided)

8th grade boys defeated Holy Name (Valhalla), 54-51
Ryan Irwin (25), Soren Holmbo (15), Michael Covelli (8)
Team finishes 9-3

9th grade boys defeated St. Patrick (Armonk)
9th grade boys lost to St. Patrick (Bedford), 53-33
Team finishes 5-7

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