A Visit to Hudson Beach Glass (Video)

Hudson Beach Glass in Beacon, an artisan glass shop housed in a historic firehouse, offers handmade crafts and classes in glassblowing.

Co-owner John Gilvey, who has been making glass for more than 40 years, shares his thoughts on this ancient art form in a video by Mark Westin. “There’s a certain part of humanity that wants something that was created by somebody else’s hands rather than a machine,” he says. “It’s how we connect to each other.”

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One Response to "A Visit to Hudson Beach Glass (Video)"

  1. Gail Gilvey   March 10, 2018 at 12:22 pm

    Disclosure: I may be partial as I am John’s cousin. I have not been to the shop, but it sure looks beautiful and I know his work is exemplary. Form, function and beauty. I agree that many people value handcrafted items and art objects, I am one of those “types.” Nice, informative video.