5 Questions: Brett Feller

By Brian PJ Cronin

On April 5, Brett Feller opened a hardware store at 18 W. Main St. in Beacon.

Brett Feller (Photo by B. Cronin)

What prompted you to open your third Brett’s Hardware?
I’ve been thinking about it since I bought the glass cutter for one of my Orange County locations from Nichols when it closed six years ago. Because I live in Beacon, it was obvious to me the city needed a hardware store.

How big is your new store compared to the others?
This is 6,600 square feet. The others are each 10,500 square feet. We managed to squeeze in almost everything. For example, we have 8 feet of dog treats at the other stores, and here we have 4 feet. It’s going to serve the community fine, because Beacon’s going to be so happy there are 4 feet of dog treats to choose from. With grass seed, the other stores have 12 feet, here it’s 8. But the fact people won’t have to leave town to get grass seed will be great. I know how it is. It’s a pain in the butt to leave town.

What will surprise people when they first walk in?
How much different stuff they can buy. We put in everything a hardware store should carry. I also think people will come in and say, “How did you get all of this in here?” From the outside, you can’t tell.

Do you have anything specific to Beacon?
Because so many people walk to the train to commute, and so many people come up on the weekends, we put in more drinks and snack food. People in the building are already asking us to put in a coffee shop. A lot of people work down here by the station and they don’t always want to walk up to Main Street. But first we have to focus on the hardware.

You share a building with Two-Way Brewery, so at least people can get a beer after they shop, right?
I’ve always thought it would be cool to have a bar in one of my stores, so this worked out.

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