U16 Chargers 5, Washingtonville 3
Washingtonville 5, U14 Arsenal 3

Chargers Stage Comeback

The hometown boys’ U16 Philipstown Chargers staged a comeback for the ages versus the Washingtonville Force on Saturday, April 7.

In the first game of the season, the Force got on the board early and often. The Chargers came out pressing up field, which allowed the opponents to score three goals on set plays and through passes that caught the Chargers off-guard.

Undaunted by the score, the Chargers continued to control possession at midfield, which paid off when Evan Maasik’s shot deflected off the Force keeper and Kyle Mayo put in the rebound to get Chargers on the board just before the half, leaving Washingtonville ahead 3-1 at the break. Showing great spirit and perseverance, the Chargers took the field for the second half with renewed intensity.

Within the first 5 minutes the Force defense tried to pass back to their keeper but Evan Maasik swept in to steal the pass and tapped the ball past the goalie with his left foot. Maasik took another shot a few minutes later and teamed up with Kyle Mayo again who knocked in his second goal of the day, tying the score 3-3. In addition to his strong play at midfield, Jesse Sherman took a well-placed corner that the Force keeper jumped to deflect, but a waiting Maasik headed in the go-ahead goal, putting the Chargers up 4-3.

The Chargers continued to press on offense, and striker Will Stark battled a defender to get a shot that the Force goalie initially saved, but Stark knocked in the rebound for Chargers goal number 5. The defense, led by Collin Eng-Wong, Zack Maher and Dominic Farina, kept the ball in the opponent’s half of the field for most of the rest of the game. Keeper Chris O’Donnell made some quality saves and shut out the opponents in the second half.

At the final whistle the score was Chargers 5, Force 3, capping-off an amazing comeback for the home team to start the spring season.

Arsenal Fall to Washingtonville

The boys’ U14 Philipstown Arsenal soccer team hosted division rivals, the Washingtonville Warriors, in their first match of the season on Sunday, April 8.

Washingtonville opened the game on fire, scoring three unanswered goals before the 10-minutes on a penalty kick and two breakaway runs. Undeterred, the Gunners established their passing game and the teams exchanged possession multiple times. Finally, after 30 minutes, Arsenal’s Ryan Eng-Wong flew past his defender and crossed to teammate, Colin August. August slid into the ball, knocking it past the Warriors’ goalkeeper and bringing the score at the half to Philipstown 1, Washingtonville 3.

At the start of the second half Philipstown’s Evan Maasik sent a cross outside the Washingtonville penalty box to August who touched the ball to Eng-Wong. Eng-Wong put a nice finish on the ball to bring the score to 2-3. Philipstown kept the pressure on and the Warriors found themselves on their heels again. A Washingtonville defender attempted to clear the ball but it curved toward their penalty box. Maasik charged forward, flicked the ball away from the oncoming defender and hit a volley into the back of the Warriors goal, tying the game.

Ultimately, it was Washingtonville who triumphed in the end, scoring two additional goals near the end of the game. Arsenal turned up the heat again but the strong Warriors’ defense was able to shut down all scoring attempts. The final whistle blew and Washingtonville finished on top with the score of Philipstown 3, Washingtonville 5.

Summaries provided by Philipstown Soccer Club.

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