Beacon Police Blotter

Select incidents from May 11 to 24

Friday, May 11

Caller on Vail Avenue reported larceny of Playstation 4 console and two games.

Caller on Matteawan Road reported damage to car as result of fight.

Monday, May 14

Caller on Grove Street reported bicycle being stolen from residence.

Tuesday, May 15

Caller to headquarters reported harassment on Instagram.

Wednesday, May 16

Caller on Tompkins Terrace reported being harassed.

Thursday, May 17

Caller to headquarters reported violation of family court order.

Caller on Knevels Avenue reported suspicious mail.

Caller on Cross Street reported harassment by neighbor for playing music.

Friday, May 18

After a traffic stop on East Main Street, Jason Colon, 25, of Beacon was charged with unlicensed operation, failure to signal a turn and possession of marijuana.

Report of letter found of a threatening nature at Rombout Middle School.

Monday, May 21

After a traffic stop on North Brett Street, Jerry McNair, 19, of Hyde Park was charged with possession of marijuana.

Caller on Tompkins Terrace complained of fraudulent activity on credit card.

Caller on Hastings Drive complained of fraudulent activity on debit card.

Tuesday, May 22

Caller on West Center Street reported graffiti and littering at Pavilion.

Caller on Washington Avenue reported fraudulent bail scam.

Caller on Fishkill Avenue reported missing person. Missing person located.

Wednesday, May 23

Caller on Dewindt Street reported vehicle damaged while parked on street.

Thursday, May 24

Caller on Willow Street reported vehicle damaged while parked on street.

Caller on Leonard Street reported vehicle damaged while parked in parking lot of residence.

Melanie Dzubak, 37, of Carmel was picked up on a warrant.

Caller on Main Street reported harassment by individual aggressively asking for money.

Caller on Herbert Street reported hit and run with damage to parked vehicle.

Editor’s Note: If you are named in this blotter, and the charges were dismissed or reduced, or if you were acquitted, e-mail [email protected]. We will verify and add a note to the entry. It is helpful if you provide documentation.

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