Letter: Addiction Resources

The series in your paper last fall on the opioid abuse crisis in our midst (Fighting Back: The Opioid Crisis) was an important step in helping to destigmatize addiction and provide information and resources.

A month ago, at a workshop about the opioid crisis, the Philipstown Town Board introduced its newly hired, very part-time substance abuse prevention and treatment coordinator, Danielle Pack McCarthy. She can be reached at 845-570-5183 or [email protected] All contacts are confidential.

It is noteworthy that the U.S. surgeon general’s office last month created its first advisory in 13 years, recommending that more Americans be trained and carry the opiate antidote Narcan (naloxone). Free training and kits are available at St. Christopher’s Inn in Garrison on the first Sunday of each month. Narcan is also available without a prescription at Drug World and CVS pharmacies.

I hope Philipstown, this paper and the new drug coordinator will make information, resources, education, meetings, groups and open dialogues more prevalent. There is much speculation about the number of young adults who have died here from overdoses in the past five years. Eleven? Fifteen? Or 18, as many believe? How many more will die before Philipstown is accountable, can talk openly and take meaningful action?

Laura Nathanson, Cold Spring

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