Beacon High School Class of 2018

Rayna Thompson, Jummie Akinwunmi and Juliet Trautman outside Beacon High School (Photo provided)

The Beacon High School graduation is scheduled for 9 a.m. on Saturday, June 23, at Dutchess Stadium.

The valedictorian is Oluwatofunmi “Jummie” Akinwunmi, who will attend Yale in the fall to study biology on a pre-med track. She was a member of yearbook and creative writing clubs, class treasurer and a standout volleyball player and jumper in indoor and outdoor track.

The salutatorian is Juliet Trautman, who will attend Northeastern University in Boston in the fall to study biomedical engineering with a concentration in cell and tissues, with the hope she can one day contribute to solving the shortage of organs for transplants. She was a member of the Beacon Players drama club.

The valedictorian of the Career and Technical Institute at Dutchess BOCES is Rayna Thompson, who will attend the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park to pursue a food and business management degree in baking and pastry. She is a member of the National Honor Society, National Technical Honor Society and SkillsUSA.


Philip Abongo
Jordan Acevedo
Sophia Acquisto
Oluwatofunmi Akinwunmi
Alexia Alexander
Lauren Anderson
Jennifer Andrews
Arriana Annicchiarico
Chloe Antalek
Shayan Ashley
Grace Baisley
Jethro Banks
Jhalil Beckett
Tamia Benekin
Kaitlyn Bierce
Nicole Blanding
Adrianna Bonnes
A-Jay Borromeo
Christian Broas
Jayden Buckley
Mason Burch
Mikaela Burch
Ethan Burgos
Reanna Cader
Jamal Carter
Alexandra Caruso
Aaliyah Christiansen
Xavier Collins
Rolando Colon
Vincent Compagnone
Justin Conklin
James Cordero
Shannon Cordoni
Juan Carlos Cruz Jr.
Elizabeth Cuccia
Dakai Cummings
Alexis Cutinella
Andre’ Daniels
Brianna Dembo
Brianna Der Boghossian
Anthony Diaz
Joseph Diaz
Annalise DiGiovanni
Brian Kim Dittenhoefer
Harleigh Ebeling
Destiny Edwards
Christian Farley
Justis Fiduccia
Raven Ford
Siobhan French
Jemond Galloway
Kiara Garris
Kyle Giamportone
Jacob Gonzalez
Sarah Goodhill
Jayson Graham
Kindu Green Jr.
Kindeya Green
Jamie Griesing
Julia Griesing
Ruth Grippo
Nicholas Hallock
Cornell Hammonds III
Ellery Harvey
Russell Hecker
Jerome Henderson-Whitted
Jade Herring
Emily Himes
Andrew Hitt
Kyra Husbands
Che Intaganzwa
Elyse Istvan
Zakiya James
Daniel Jenkins
Sierra-Del Jenkins
Marin Kacur
Colby Kelland
Alyssa Killmer
Quinn Kitzrow
Dionte’ Komisar
Zachary Kotzias
David Kristoferson
Andrew Kronk
Brianna LaBarbera
Fox LaBelle
Autumn Lennon
Isabela Leon Ferrer
Domenic Leonetti
Chasity Lopez
Henry Louis
Larry Lowery-Ellis
Peter Lukianowicz Jr.
Matthew Maffei
Elizabeth Maldonado
Taryn Marie Maloney
Owen Maneri
Kadahfi Martin
Keyonne Mattis
John Carmen McCollum II
Cory McKellar
Kyra McIntosh
Jessica McTeer
Brayan Mejia Ramirez
Christian Mendoza
Noah Mensch
Ryan Middlemore
Dana Miller
Cherrell Mima
Journey Minto
Jasmin Montoya
Daniel Moore
Paris Moore
Savannah Mora
Kayla Morgan
Lauren Morse
Jayvon Morton
Jaden Navarro
Gualberto Negron Jr.
Elena Neyen
Justin Ni
Luther Nolan
Ian Oliva
James Olson
Taleemar Ortiz Santiago
Saiilor Owen
Maya Padilla
Mark Padoleski III
Heledy Pagan Quiles
Brithney Patino Solano
Eric Peifer
Elimaris Perez
Eliora Peterson
Kelly Ramon Astudillo
Kendall Rhea
Darian Rios
Kayla Rivera
Gentel Robinson
Tyler Rosado
Taylor Salvato
Aaliyah Santana
Ceasar Saragozin Jr.
Joseph Sarcone
Madison Scarchilli
Marissa Schiller
Kellen Sela
Jack Sheehy
Leah Siegel
Nathaniel Singleton
Melissa Smith
Jasmin Soto
Amanda Spadafino
Keisenn Spencer
Nina Tassio
Sierra Taylor
Rayna Thompson
Desiree Torres
Lineras Torres
Juliet Trautman
Tiana Truong
Michael Tubbs
DaSean Turner
Samantha Tutasi
Sebastian Uribe
Isabel Vallejo
Brandon VanBuren
Isaac Vandermark Jr.
Cavin Vaughan Jr.
Lilybeth Velasquez
Jordan Walsh
Matthew Welsh
Sheanna Williamson
Tyler-Tyrel Winston
Matthew Wyant II
Karli Wylde
Theodore Yannitelli

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