Cold Spring and Beacon residents cast for HVSF production

The Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival on June 25 announced the cast for its community production over Labor Day weekend of Seth Bockley’s Rip Van Winkle; or, Cut the Old Moon into Stars.

The production will include 40 “citizen actors,” along with four professionals. The cast includes Philip Condyles, David Kupras, Emma Myers, Celia Reissig, Sarah Ristine, Bernadette Humphrey-Nicol and Michele Humphrey-Nicol from Beacon, and Alison Anthoine, Alex Danilov, Laura Danilov, Gareth Guest, Jonathan Kruk, Lourdes Laifer, John Lane, Sean McNall, Tara Vamos, Sophia Catalina and Carolyn Llewellyn from Cold Spring.

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