Downsizing at Edgewater

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New zoning law knocks 61 units off project

By Jeff Simms

The developer of the proposed Edgewater project on Beacon’s waterfront returned to the City Council on June 25 to share revised plans following the adoption of a law that reduced the number of apartments allowed on the 12-acre site. The new plan, shown at right, includes 246 units, compared to 307 before the zoning change, although there are still seven buildings.

The Planning Board will be asked in July to reaffirm the project’s environmental approval and its fit with the Local Waterfront Revitalization Program. From there, the developer must receive a special-use permit from the City Council before the Planning Board would consider final approval.

One thought on “Downsizing at Edgewater

  1. Here’s how this works for developers: They ask for way more than they wanted, but get want they want in the end! Back in the day, served 10 years on the planning board.