Maloney Begins Tampon Lobby in Congress

Angered after House refuses to pay

After the Committee on House Administration on June 26 declined to reimburse $37.16 that had been used to stock restrooms at his office with tampons, Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, whose district includes the Highlands, used the refusal to raise funds, asking supporters to contribute $37.16. He said six people donated more than 500 feminine hygiene products to his office, which he offered to share with the offices of other representatives.

“I want to make sure every office on the Hill is welcoming to female staff and visitors — and thanks to the generosity of the American people, they will be,” the Democrat said in a statement. “This issue is part of a much larger discussion about women’s rights in the workplace and the way women’s needs are treated.”

The CHA told Maloney that tampons were not office supplies but personal-care items that did not quality for reimbursement.

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