The Putnam Kennel Club, founded in 1952, held its annual dog show at Veteran Memorial Park in Carmel on July 20 and 21. After judging, awards were presented for purebred conformation, obedience, rally course and junior showmanship. More than 300 dogs competed on Friday and nearly 400 on Saturday, from 20 states.

Margaret Foxmoore of Brewster, the New York editor of the online magazine Daily Dog Devotional, says she has never been disappointed while taking photos at the Putnam show. “The light is perfect, and the dogs are relaxed,” she says.

Photos by Margaret Foxmoore

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  1. Very flattered by this. Thank you. We have been photographing dogs now for 3 years and this year we have put out a magazine (presently online) that will go to print in October. I love The Putnam Kennel Dog Show as it brings the best of dogs and people together to in this bucolic setting. This is a show I don’t plan on missing. So glad you covered it.

  2. On July 20 and 21, the Putnam Kennel Club, for the third time, held its annual American Kennel Club All-Breed Dog Show at Veteran Memorial Park in Carmel. The park just seems to get more and more beautiful as time goes by. We are proud to be able to use it for our beautiful dogs and hope to continue having the show there for many years to come.

    Mostly we would like to thank the staff of the park. They went out of their way to accommodate us. It was very much appreciated. They were always enthusiastic and friendly.

    Travis is president of the Putnam Kennel Club.

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