A prankster or vandal, depending on your view, rearranged the message on the signboard at the Church on the Hill in Nelsonville in early July. It had read, “Never Forget, We Are One Nation Under God. God Bless America!” The Rev. Tim Greco, who is the pastor of the church, said he was disappointed by the vandalism and found it “very mean-spirited. Many wonderful people attend our church.” (Photo provided)

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8 replies on “Shuffle Board”

  1. “Prankster?” This is downright hateful to do this to private property and I’m sure highly offensive to the parishioners of this church (or to anyone of faith). Substitute “church” and “God” for other venues / terms and I don’t think we’d be chalking this up to a “prankster.”

  2. That church loves to cram its political views down everyone’s throat. Big deal if someone re-arranges a sign. Gimme a break. It’s been happening at hardware stores and theaters for decades.

  3. Isn’t it a shame that some people think it is OK to deface our sign? If you don’t like the message, move on. We will be watching from now on. By the way, God is not dead. He’s very much alive at Church on the Hill. Come visit. We’d love to have you.

  4. Prankster or vandal? I think once someone gets arrested for it, it will become pretty clear which it is.

  5. “Cram its political views down everyone’s throat”… That’s a little dramatic, don’t ya think? In that spirit, even the common Philipstown Marxist has to agree that until they can get more hammers and sickles on the Supreme Court and in the local den, the hate laws apply to everyone, and that if repetition of these events is perceived as a form of intimidation towards our church, then the perpetrator should be treated as if they drew a swastika on synagogue property, drew a racial slur on someone’s home, or placed bacon on the door handles of a mosque. UnAmerican is unAmerican, right comrades?

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