On the Spot

By Michael Turton

Have you had a brush with fame?

“I met Robert F. Kennedy in 1964. I shook his hand. I was just a kid.”  ~John Gilvey, Beacon

“I was in an Atlantic City casino near the stage. Frank Sinatra reached down and asked, ‘Can I borrow a cigarette?’ ” ~Deb MacLeod, Constitution Island

“I met Philippe Petit, the Twin Towers cable walker, when he walked a high wire in Grand Central Station.” ~Walter Cinquanta, Cold Spring

One Response to "On the Spot"

  1. Suzanne Mancuso
    Suzanne Mancuso   August 11, 2018 at 10:18 am

    I met Richard Simmons — and Marie Osmond — at the Javits Center. We were all authors and doll people at the show. Even met the great grandson of Teddy Roosevelt that day!