Market Street to be Paved

On Friday, Aug. 17, the Village of Cold Spring will be repaving Market Street near the Metro-North parking lot. Commuters should allow additional time to get to their trains.

One thought on “Market Street to be Paved

  1. A nice smooth surface for the speeding commuters. The potholes were the only thing to slow down them down. The police come by once in a while, after the rush hour is over, a little to late to catch speeders.

    I live on Market Street. The day will come when the small fender benders become major crashes. More than 200 cars travel down Market Street every day, not to mention the drop-offs. Most cars fly down the street. A lot of drivers seem to think our driveway is a public turnaround. It drives me crazy. My grandkids play in the driveway and it is dangerous to do so when cars whip in to turn around.

    I have seen a resent parking issue on the south end of Market Street. People have been parking on the opposite side of the street facing down. You can’t make this stuff up. When this happens and a car is parked the right way, there is no room for traffic to squeeze by and the horns start blowing.

    I must say even though there is no sign saying “No Parking,” you would think common sense would prevail. Think again. Madness I tell yea, madness. Common sense is gone. In its place is entitlement, and no one takes responsibility for their actions. Henceforth the new generation of “It’s not my fault.”