New State Laws

The list below contains some of the state laws that have gone into effect since May. (During the most recent legislative session, from January to June, the Assembly and Senate jointly passed 641 bills to send to the governor.) Sandy Galef, who represents Philipstown, said many laws begin with ideas from residents and invited constituents to email her at [email protected] or write her office at 2 Church St., Ossining, NY 10562.

  • Establishes that a person who is under arrest, in detention or in police custody cannot consent to sexual contact (Ch. 55 of 2018)
  • Requires mortgage lenders, assignees or servicers to inform borrowers at least 90 days before legal action is taken that their reverse mortgage is in default, and that they risk losing their home. The notice must include a list of local housing counseling agencies and free legal services (Ch. 58 of 2018, Part HH)
  • Forbids the distribution or sale of electronic cigarettes to minors (Ch. 508 of 2000)
  • Forbids the sale of ice cream made with beer or hard cider to minors (Ch. 42 of 2011)
  • Authorizes home health aides, with appropriate training and supervision, to perform certain nursing tasks such as administering medication (Ch. 471 of 2016)
  • Requires all used mattress or bedding material that is transported, stored or sold in the state to be sanitized (Ch. 413 of 2017)
  • Adds “attending nurse practitioner” to the list of health care providers who can execute an order not to resuscitate and orders pertaining to life-sustaining treatments (Ch. 430 of 2017)
  • Prohibits individuals convicted of misdemeanors related to domestic violence from possessing or purchasing firearms (Ch. 60 of 2018)
  • Allows charitable organizations to accept credit or debit cards as payment for raffles and allows raffle tickets to be sold online (Ch. 464 of 2017)
  • Requires the state to notify individuals who are age 65 or older, blind, disabled or eligible for federal supplemental security income benefits that they can participate in a qualifying trust to obtain additional medical assistance (Ch. 475 of 2017)
  • Requires automobile brokers to be licensed (Ch. 477 of 2017)
  • Requires public school health programs to address mental health (Ch. 390 of 2016)
  • Prohibits unauthorized and false alterations to or tampering with official student records, files or data (Ch. 170 of 2017)
  • Ensures feminine hygiene products are available to students in public schools at no charge (Ch. 56 of 2018, Part Q)

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