Letter: Horrifying Behavior

The revelation of the long enduring, systemic sexual abuse of children that took place within the Catholic Church in Pennsylvania is abhorrent. This behavior is horrifying, and yet we fail to take action.

We must do more. That is why I am so proud to be a cosponsor of a bill that makes some much-needed changes to the statute of limitations in New York with regards to the sexual abuse of children (A.5885-A/S.6575).

Today, the five-year statute of limitations for criminal charges starts at age 18. This bill would have the statute of limitations begin at age 23. Additionally, the bill would allow civil charges to be filed until the plaintiff is 50. This allows people the time they need to come to terms with their situation. Survivors often wait years to feel comfortable enough to speak out. This bill gives them recourse for when they do.

The state Assembly has passed this bill many times. It would help bring closure, justice and peace to those who need it most. I encourage you to reach out to state Sen. Sue Serino, who represents Philipstown and Beacon, to encourage the passage of this bill. Survivors deserve their day in court.

Sandy Galef, Albany
Galef represents Philipstown in the state Assembly.

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