Putnam Ballot Set for November

Fleming and Odell each on three ballot lines

By Chip Rowe

After primaries for the Conservative and Women’s Equality parties on Sept. 13, nothing much changed for the November ballot in the race for Putnam County Executive.

Maureen Fleming, the Democratic candidate, had filed an “opportunity to ballot” on the Conservative Party line, hoping that more of the county’s 1,831 registered party voters who made it the polls would write in her name than vote for incumbent MaryEllen Odell, who received the party’s endorsement. But Odell received 292 of the 363 votes cast, with 71 write-ins that presumably went to Fleming.

Fleming and Odell (Photos provided)

At the same time, Odell filed an opportunity to ballot petition to campaign for the write-in vote on the line of the Women’s Equality Party, which endorsed Fleming. In that contest, Fleming received three votes and there were no write-ins, according to the unofficial tally by the Putnam County Board of Elections.

As a result, Fleming, the Kent Town supervisor, will appear on the Democratic, Reform and Women’s Equality lines on the November ballot, while Odell will appear on the Republican, Conservative and Independence lines.

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2 thoughts on “Putnam Ballot Set for November

  1. Curious that whereas Odell received 292 of the votes, there were 71 write-in votes (not for Odell and presumably for Fleming), yet 420 votes in total were cast by members of the Conservative Party. Who received, or what happened to, the others… the balance of 57 votes neither for Odell nor write-in votes?

    Odd that the turnout in this Conservative Party primary (yes, technically not a primary but still a challenge to the party committee’s decision on its nominated candidate) was almost 23 percent. Yes, the turnout in the Democratic Party primaries on the same day were raised to historically very high levels, roughly 28% statewide (due presumably to the many high profile races for governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, several for the state senate, and others. But I would not expect a raised turnout for this year’s Democratic Party primary could explain, or cause, a higher turnout for the Conservative Party. Does perhaps the Conservative Party normally have a higher rate of turnout than the Democrats?

    • Told by Putnam County Board of Elections that the numbers in its report that say “Ballots” don’t actually indicate the number cast but something produced by software they use. I will update story to reflect. In fact, the total number of Conservative Party votes cast were 363 for Odell and 71 write-ins. (The relatively few absentee ballots will be counted on Thursday.) There were 1,831 active registered Conservative Party voters in Putnam as of April 1, so turnout was 20 percent. The relatively high Conservative turnout may have been due to Democratic candidate Maureen Fleming campaigning for write-in votes.