Here Are Your Choices

Candidates are listed in alphabetical order. In the general election, you can vote for any candidate you wish, regardless of party registration. A key to the political party abbreviations appears at the bottom of the page.

The polls will be open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 6. To verify you are registered and find out where to vote, visit


U.S. House (District 18)
Sean Patrick Maloney (DEM/IND/WE/WF)
James O’Donnell (REP/CON/REF)

U.S. Senate
Chele Farley (REP/CON/REF)
Kirsten Gillibrand (DEM/IND/WE/WF)

New York State

Andrew Cuomo (DEM/IND/WE/WF)
Howie Hawkins (GRE)
Marc Molinaro (REP/CON/REF)
Stephanie Miner (SAM)
Larry Sharpe (LIB)

Lieutenant Governor
Kathy Hochul (DEM/IND/WE/WF)
Andrew Hollister (LIB)
Julie Killian (REP/CON/REF)
Jia Lee (GRE)
Michael Volpe (SAM)

Thomas DiNapoli (DEM/IND/REF/WE/WF)
Mark Dunlea (GRE)
Cruger Gallaudet (LIB)
Jonathan Trichter (REP/CON)

Attorney General
Christopher Garvey (LIB)
Letitia James (DEM/IND/WF)
Kenneth Schaeffer (WF)
Nancy Sliwa (REF)
Michael Sussman (GRE)
Keith Wofford (REP/CON)

State Senate, District 41
Sue Serino (REP/CON/IND/REF)
Karen Smythe (DEM/WE/WF)

State Assembly, District 95 (Philipstown)
Lawrence Chiulli (REP/CON)
Sandy Galef (DEM/REF/WE/WF)

State Assembly, District 104 (Beacon)
Jonathan Jacobson (DEM)
Scott Manley (REP/CON)

State Supreme Court, 9th District (vote for 7)
Kathie Davidson (DEM/REP/CON/IND)
David Everett (DEM)
Robert Freehill (REP/CON/IND/REF)
William Giacomo (DEM/IND)
Hal Greenwald (DEM)
Phillip Grimaldi Jr. (REP/CON)
Joan Lefkowitz (DEM/IND)
James Reitz (REP/CON)
Barry Warhit (DEM)
Thomas Zugibe (DEM/CON/IND)

Putnam County

Maureen Fleming (DEM/REF/WE)
MaryEllen Odell (REP/CON/IND)


Michael Bartolotti (REP/CON/IND/REF)

Coroner (vote for 2)
John Bourges (REP/CON/IND)
Michael Nesheiwat (REP/CON/IND)

Legislature, District 1 (Philipstown)
Nancy Montgomery (DEM/UP/WE/WF)
Barbara Scuccimarra (REP/CON/IND)

Village of Cold Spring

Trustee (vote for 2)
Lynn Miller
Steve Voloto

Dutchess County

Family Court
Karen Hagstrom (REP/CON/GRE/IND/REF/WE)
Jeffrey Martin (DEM/WF)

Surrogate Court
Michael Hayes (REP/CON/GRE/IND/REF/WE)
Thomas Mansfield (DEM/WF)

Party Key

DEM = Democratic
REP = Republican
CON = Conservative
GRE = Green
IND = Independence
LIB = Libertarian
REF = Reform
WE = Women’s Equality
WF = Working Families

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