Town Board Pulls Back, Again, on Magazzino Zoning

The Philipstown Town Board, which planned on Dec. 6 to vote on revising the commercial-industrial zoning to include museums and art galleries, delayed action to get more details about a change at Magazzino, the Italian art space that inspired the plan (Town Board Revives Magazzino Zoning, Nov. 30).

In September, the privately owned gallery and library on Route 9 handed over its operations to a newly formed nonprofit and began calling itself a “museum” and posting regular hours. Previously, it had described itself as an “art warehouse” and was open by appointment only.

Supervisor Richard Shea said the board delayed the vote because “we’re going to need some clarity on” Magazzino’s status and the tax implications. “They might not be paying property taxes so we probably wouldn’t be doing this” rezoning, he said.

Magazzino’s precise nature “has not been clear, really, ever,” said Town Board Member Nancy Montgomery. “Let’s get some clarification.”

Garrison School Will Ask Voters for Geothermal

The Garrison School Board heard about three scenarios at its Nov. 28 meeting for a capital project proposal that includes a high-efficiency heating and air-conditioning system as its largest expenditure (Pivot Point, Oct. 5).

The board plans to present the proposal to voters in May. The scenarios were: (1) a hot-water heating system plus air conditioning (A/C) in the elementary school as part of a $7 million proposal; (2) the hot-water system plus A/C in elementary and middle school classrooms at $7.6 million; or (3) a geothermal heating system and A/C in the elementary school and A/C in middle school classrooms, at $8.8 million. The school expects to receive about 10 percent of the cost from the state, with the rest borrowed and about $900,000 taken from savings.

The consultants who prepared the numbers calculated the average annual increase in taxes on a $500,000 house would be $28 under the first proposal; $52 under the second; and $113 under the third. The board’s Facilities Committee recommended presenting voters with Scenario 2 and the option of selecting Scenario 3.

Foam Cup Ban Back to Committee

At the Dec. 4 meeting of the Putnam County Legislature, a proposal to ban the use of foam plastic cups and cartons by chain restaurants was sent back to its Health Committee (Foam Plastic Ban Goes to Putnam Legislature, Nov. 30).

Barbara Scuccimarra, who represents Philipstown on the County Legislature, requested the move. “Unfortunately we have some unanswered questions that some of the legislators are concerned with,” she said. Scuccimarra, who chairs the Health Committee, will leave office on Dec. 31 after being defeated in the November election.

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