Haldane Foundation Awards Grants

Nonprofit raised nearly $30K in fall

The Haldane School Foundation raised nearly $30,000 at its fall fundraiser to fulfill grant requests from faculty and community members.

The funded projects are a service trip for the high school’s seniors to New Orleans; a studio and production booth; a 10th-grade trip to Washington, D.C.; a music competition at Six Flags for seventh- and eighth-graders; a field trip to Frost Valley in the Catskills for eighth-graders; percussion equipment; a visit to the middle school by young-adult author Wendy Mass; and support for the school garden and the high school debate club.

Haldane eighth-graders at Frost Valley in the Catskills (Photo provided)

The foundation also awarded funds to pay for a science field trip to the Quassy Amusement Park; a creative writing and poetry workshop for high school students; a sixth-grade trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art; a stress reduction through yoga program for grades 5-6 and 11-12; character and social/emotional development assemblies for elementary students; garden recess for grades 4 and 5; a community edition of the high school newspaper in The Highlands Current; and a Black History Month assembly with Gwen Laster for the elementary grades.

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