Junior Skiiers

The 46 children and teenagers from Philipstown and Highland Falls who comprise the West Point Junior Alpine Ski Team competed on Saturday (March 9) at the Victor Constant Ski Area in their second and final intrasquad meet of the season.

Coached by Dirk Westphal, Alex Tripp and Todd August, team members from Philipstown swept the boys’ and girls’ U12 divisions. Among the highlights was a gold medal captured in the boys’ U10 division by Sebastian Rasic, who won by two seconds after a fall in the first meet had knocked him out of medal contention. Clara Tripp (U12) and Max Westphal (U14) finished in the top five overall.

Front row: Roth Westphal (gold U12), Anna-Cat Nelson (bronze U12), Bryce Kenny (bronze U12), Archer Stubbs (silver U10), Sebastian Rasic (gold U10), Jasmine Wallis (silver U12); Back row: George Stubbs (silver U12), Caroline Nelson (silver U14), Clara Tripp (gold U12), Max Westphal (gold U14). Not shown: Maddie August (silver U10) (Photo by Sarah Wallis)
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