Entergy Plans to Sell Indian Point After Shutdown

New owner will handle storage of used fuel

Entergy Corp., which owns the Indian Point Energy Center in Buchanan that is scheduled to close within the next two years, has agreed to sell the structure after shutdown to a company that specializes in decommissioning nuclear plants.

The Indian Point Energy Center (NYS photo)

The sale includes the transfer of the licenses, spent fuel, decommissioning liabilities and Nuclear Decommissioning Trusts for the plant’s three units.

Entergy said in a statement that it expects Holtec to decommission Indian Point decades sooner than if Entergy retained ownership. It said Holtec will transfer used nuclear fuel to dry fuel storage cask systems on reinforced concrete pads that will remain under guard until Entergy removes them or Holtec completes a proposed storage facility in New Mexico.

Indian Point Unit 2 and Unit 3 are scheduled to be shut down by April 30, 2021, as part of an agreement with New York State. Unit 1 was shut down in 1974.

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