Artifacts Donated to Garrison School

Garrison students take measurements at the South Redoubt encampment. (Photo provided)

Revolutionary War buttons and musket ball

Dana Linck, an archeologist and preservationist who years ago excavated an American officer’s button, a private’s button, glass shards, a musket ball and buckshot dating to the Revolutionary War in what is now the Garrison School Forest, has donated the items to the school for study and display.

On April 4, Christopher Caliendo, who teaches history and social science in the middle school, hiked with seven students — Caitlin Liu, Aidan Sabatini, John Mangan, Gabe Lunin-Pack, Lena Singer-Delius, Tozai Kawabata and Jude Morrison — to the South Redoubt to meet Linck and representatives from the Fort Montgomery State Historic Site.

After Linck explained the history of the redoubt, the students measured the encampment where the items were found and plotted its coordinates. The team will research and describe each artifact for a display at the school as well as a “traveling museum” to share with the primary grades, Caliendo said. Linck also plans to return later this month to talk to the middle-school classes.

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