Haldane Middle School Honor Roll

Students recognized for third quarter work

Principal’s List

Grade 8 – Kate Bolte, Beatrice Corio, Aoife Fortuna, Niamh Fortuna, Elliott Goldberg, Amanda Johanson, Kate Meisner, Mairead O’Hara, John Perricone, Sadie Remillard, Isa Schmidt, Jackson Twoguns, Liv Villella

Grade 7 – Lily Benson, Vanja Booth, Alexandra Busselle, Liliana Cappello, Colin Delabie, Frankie DiGiglio, Luca DiLello, Oscar Donahue, Liam Gaugler, Evan Giachinta, Maggie Gordineer, Clement Grossman, Jeremy Hall,  Madeleine Hutz, Mary Junjulas, Finola Kiter, Ronan Kiter, Amelia Kupper, Elaine Llewellyn, Trajan McCarthy, Camilla McDaniel, Ella Mekeel, Matthew Nachamkin, Ellen O’Hara, Percy Parker, Eloise Pearsall, Ruby Poses, Julie Shields, Emily Tomann, Ryan Van Tassel, Mackenzie Warren

Grade 6 – Amelia Alayon, Dahlia Beck, Dustin Berkley, Alexandra Cairns, Savannah Crofts,  Kira Drury, Violeta Edwards Salas, Marc Firpo, Josephine Foley-Hedlund, Robert Freimark, Scotia Hartford, Frederick Hohenberger, Helen Hutchison, Zohra Kapoor, Micah Morales, Gabriela Perilli, Oliver Petkus, Jake Powers, Laurel Sassano,  Keira Shanahan, Matthew Silhavy, Ashley Sousa, Dana Spiegel

High Honor Roll

Grade 8 – Julian Ambrose, Edward Bauer, Zachary Cannova, Alexandre Chase Coulson, Isabella Crofts,   Aleksander Danilov, Celia Drury, Owen Edelson, Ryan Eng-Wong, Sara Ferreira, Diego Haskell-Ramirez, Matthew Junjulas, Raunaq Kapoor, Charlie Keegan, Rowen Kuzminski, Erik Mauro, Luke Mauro, Mary Mikalsen, Helen Nicholls, John Peters,  Kaelyn Powlis, Sophie Sabin, Fiona Shanahan, Roy Smith, Jillian Weinpahl

Grade 7 – Scott Bailey Jr., Hannah Bissinger, Grace Bradley, Alissa Buslovich, Quinlynn Carmicino, William Denehy, Zachary Harris, Ivy Heydt-Benjamin, Sarah Jones,  Lola Mahoney, Henry O’Neil, Simon Pieza, Peter Ruggiero, Keira Russell, Iain Starr

Grade 6 – Domenica Awananch, Claire Bolte, Brody Corless, Judine Cox, Edwin Dubroff, Patrick Ferreira, Ethan Hall, Leif Heydt-Benjamin, Tyler Hyatt, Sophie Koch, Rain Lee, Patrick Locitzer, Thomas Locitzer, Ranger McElhattan, Wilson Robohm, Brendan Shanahan, Isabella Tavares, Jake Thomas

Honor Roll

Grade 8 –  Samuel Bates, Quentin Conrey, Megan Ferreira, Jack Gordineer, Jesse Hagen, John Kisslinger, Madeleine Knox, August Lee, Albina McFadden, Daniel Phillips, Thomas Rockett, Brennan Spruck, Lucas Vladimiroff

Grade 7 – William Busselle, Delaney Corless, Emily Gilleo, Jacqueline Muth, Dylan Rucker, Dashiell Santelmann, Olivia Scanga, Ivan Siciliano, Nicholas Stathos, Jesse Tippett

Grade 6 – Anatoliy Alhov, Christopher Coronel, Christian Ferreira, Louis Ferreira,Andalou Frezza, Cortney Gillis, Jake Hotaling, Aleksander Noormae, Joel Paramo, Crystal Timmons, Shania Vascancelos, Sidonius White

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