Letter: Where’s the Post Office?

Am I missing placement of the necessary signage that would indicate the turnoff for our newly relocated post office in Cold Spring? The developer seems to be occupying all of the advertising space at that corner, while the rest of us can just hope we’ve made the correct turn. If you were new in town, forget it — you’d never know where to get your stamps.

How about some proper post office signage for the new post office entrance?

Jacqueline Foertsch, Cold Spring

One thought on “Letter: Where’s the Post Office?

  1. You’re not missing anything — the post office is now buried away from any real village center and the lack of street signage makes finding it a game of hide-and-seek.

    Once you do find the post office, you will see the developer’s offices next door. Maybe if enough people stop in and complain like I did the situation will change.