Letter: Big Rigs on Back Roads

I need to bring to your attention an incident involving a Walmart tractor trailer that became stuck on Canopus Hill Road on Aug. 21.

The truck blocked traffic for about four hours, jeopardized power lines and the people responding to remove it, and damaged a sign post.

A tanker crashed in Putnam Valley on Aug. 19. (Photo by Carlos Rosaio/Peekskill VAC)

More needs to be done to prohibit tractor trailers on our back roads, especially in light of the disaster on Tinker Hill Road in Putnam Valley on Aug. 19 when a tanker crashed and spilled 3,300 gallons of liquid asphalt into a stream [above].

In recent years, the Town of Philipstown responded well to the problem of tractor trailers on Old Albany Post and Canopus Hill roads with clear signage. Perhaps these measures have averted a catastrophe such as the one in Putnam Valley.

Ideally, law enforcement and local governments need to work with GPS navigation providers to red flag, if not remove, our back roads from their maps so truckers won’t go there.

I applaud Putnam Valley Supervisor Sam Oliverio and U.S. Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney for taking steps in this direction.

David North, Garrison

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