“Excelsior” License Plate Wins

Gets nearly 50 percent of online vote

The “Excelsior” license plate received nearly 50 percent of the vote in an online ballot to decide which of five designs would be adopted in April by New York State.

The plate has the state motto (Latin for “ever upward”) and drawings of landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, the New York City skyline and a lighthouse.

About 325,000 people voted, and the design received 49.7 percent of the votes.

The winning license plate design (DMV)

Three of the other four designs had only the Statue of Liberty, and the fourth showed the Gov. Mario M. Cuomo Bridge (formerly the Tappan Zee). The latter received 9.7 percent of the vote.

Drivers whose plates are at least 10 years old will be required to pay $25 to upgrade their plates at renewal. Those who want to keep their plate number will be required to pay an additional $20.

The DMV says the new plates are necessary because older plates are not always picked up by electronic toll readers, among other reasons.

One Response to "“Excelsior” License Plate Wins"

  1. Obert Wood   September 9, 2019 at 7:38 pm

    Isn’t that Niagara Falls?


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