On Oct. 2, the Code Update Committee of the Village of Cold Spring will conduct its fifth public meeting, at the firehouse on Main Street at 7 p.m.

At the meeting, the committee will review the major proposed changes to the Village Code which have been developed over the last five years. This work has been funded by a state grant, and all the proposed changes are online at coldspringny.gov in two formats: a marked-up version and a draft version with changes incorporated.

At the meeting, the committee will hear comments from the public, and the meeting will be held open for 30 days for people to submit feedback.

Among many other topics, the proposed changes address restricting Main Street storefront buildings to commercial use and standards for accessory apartments, detached garages, overnight accommodations, waterfront recreation and parking, setbacks, the preservation and restoration of cultural artifacts, signs, three-story buildings, landscaping within and around parking lots, fences, outdoor lighting, steep slopes, flooding, a ridgeline protection overlay district, green buildings and conservation easements.

The topics from various categories were discussed at public meetings in 2016, 2017, 2018 and on April 3, and the upcoming meeting will focus on the Consistency and Clarity category. Materials from the first four meetings are available at coldspringny.gov/code-update-committee.

After comments close on Nov. 1, the committee will evaluate the feedback and present its final report to the Village Board. The board will make changes it deems appropriate and hold a public meeting. It will conduct a State Environmental Quality Review and hold another hearing to change the code. It is expected these activities will be completed by March.

Marie Early, Cold Spring
Early is the Village Board’s liaison to the Code Update Committee.

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