Police Arrest Man for ‘Topless’ Sign (Updated)

Man allegedly displayed near Carmel courthouse

Putnam County sheriff’s deputies arrested a Hopewell Junction man on Oct. 15 after he allegedly displayed a billboard outside the county courthouse in Carmel with photos of a topless woman.

Douglas D. Demasi, 66, was charged with one count of “public display of offensive sexual material,” a misdemeanor.

The Sheriff’s Department said in a statement that the billboard contained “three large photos of a woman with no shirt, no bra and both breasts entirely exposed.” It said Demasi had attached the billboard to the top of his Dodge SUV after driving to the courthouse at about 9:45 a.m.

Demasi told police he displayed the billboard because of a dispute with a Carmel attorney. He said the two men had appeared on The People’s Court to resolve it, but that TV judge Marilyn Milian ruled against him, and the photos were of her. (Topless photos of Milian taken by paparazzi in 2013 are posted online.) Demasi was given a ticket to appear at the Town of Carmel Court to answer the charge.

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