As we select the holders of critical local offices, I want to note how apt the slogan “Good Neighbors” is to characterize Team Philipstown: incumbents Richard Shea (supervisor), Robert Flaherty (Town Council), Judy Farrell (Town Council), and Carl Frisenda (highway superintendent), and candidate Tara Percacciolo (town clerk).

Richard, Bob, Judy and Carl have been tireless in their dedication and have done consistently excellent work. And Tara would extend the Good Neighbors vision to the position of town clerk, which is not merely a job but an opportunity to bring a new vision to an important role in town government.

I urge my fellow voters to join in my support by voting for all of Team Philipstown.

Stan Lovenworth, Cold Spring

As you know, one of the most important ways we shape our community and our world, is by voting. Our personal impact can be multiplied many times by choosing the right person at the ballot box. This November there is a person running for Philipstown councilwoman who has dedicated her life to creating positive change in New York: Judy Farrell has spent more than 30 years in governmental affairs for several large New York organizations. She is familiar with the way Albany works and has spent a great deal of time there working to improve the lives of all New Yorkers.

I have known Judy for over 30 years. She is a great mother, a conscientious citizen and a team player. As a retired New York City Battalion Chief who worked extensively at Ground Zero on 9/11 and the aftermath, I know the importance of each one of us taking responsibility for our world and for each one of us to be a team player. That’s why I have been a volunteer speaker at Haldane High School for many years. Each one of us must use all the tools we have to effect positive change. Judy has been doing this for as long as I have known her. Your vote for Judy Farrell as councilwoman this November, will enable her to continue to work diligently on behalf of all the citizens of Philipstown.

Dan Daly, Hopewell Junction

I’d like to offer my support for Judy Farrell’s candidacy for Philipstown Town Council. Judy has been serving on the council since December, working hard to promote our environmental well-being and for policies that help our seniors and veterans. I know Judy to be a smart, caring person who is deeply devoted to her family and community, and who is willing to work hard — often “under the radar” — to help others. She has a thoughtful, collaborative style which makes her a great team player on the council, and I hope that she can continue the work she has taken on there.

Tara Percacciolo is a wonderful candidate running for town clerk who has significant experience working in the clerk’s office. I have often witnessed Tara going out of her way to help members of our community, and know she will do the same in the role of town clerk. I believe her to be a reliable and effective administrator who will help the clerk’s office modernize and become more efficient. Please join me in voting for both Judy and Tara on Nov. 5.

Linda Tafapolsky, Garrison

I would like encourage the residents of Philipstown to vote for Bob Flaherty for the Town Board. He is honest, reliable, intelligent, energetic and committed to work for the best interest of Philipstown. I have served with Bob as a fellow officer in the Knights of Columbus, Loretto Council No. 536 for more than 15 years and have worked together on many successful programs and acquired respect and admiration for his volunteerism and dedication. Bob will work diligently for the residents of Philipstown. Please join me on Election Day and support Bob.

Dan Dillon, Cold Spring

I am writing in support of Tina Merando for re-election to town clerk.

I have known Tina for more than 40 years, and I can tell you that she is a dedicated hard worker. She, along with her late husband Billy “Hawkeye” Merando, have devoted their lives to public service. Whether they were simply “manning” the grills at a village, hospital or fire company event, or in service as a member of the Cold Spring Fire Company Ladies’ Auxiliary, Tina was always available to help out.

She has worked in the Town Clerk’s Office for more than 20 years. She started as the deputy clerk, learning the ropes. As the town clerk she has streamlined the process for residents receiving services. She has worked diligently to get town records digitized; not just for the town, but for the two villages as well. She was able to get a grant, in conjunction with the county clerk, for Philipstown, Cold Spring and Nelsonville to have their records scanned and put into a program that would make access to these records less time-consuming.

As the former village clerk of Nelsonville, I can attest to the amount of work and knowledge that is required to do her job. Tina was never selfish with that knowledge. She was a massive help to me when I first became village clerk. I called her many times for advice on municipality laws and procedures. She always had the information, and if she didn’t know, she knew how to get it.

The loss of Tina as town clerk would be a grave disservice to this community. This is an especially critical time for the town. There is much going on, and we need a professional, dedicated, and knowledgeable person in that position.

I ask the residents of Philipstown on Nov. 5 to vote for Tine Merando for town clerk.

Pauline Minners, Nelsonville

With early voting starting Oct. 26, a first for New York state, why wait all the way to Nov. 5 to vote to improve our town and make Tara Percacciolo our clerk?

The role of town clerk doesn’t set policy or pass laws. Some folk would argue it shouldn’t be an elected position at all or, even worse, that once somebody has the role, it’s their job to have for as long as they want. I put no stock in either of those ideas. The role of town clerk is vital because the clerk is often the face of the town to residents needing service or assistance.

Further, Philipstown, given its size and population, is dependent on volunteer efforts of good neighbors in addition to its thin layer of government. It’s critical for a town like ours to have a clerk who can be as efficient as possible, and to make our Town Hall as effective as possible. To best meet the needs of residents, to have their voices heard, and to hold the office of Clerk accountable, voting for clerk is the best to go.

And now, who to chose? If you are a voter who decides on a candidate based on experience, it’s important to note that Tara has been an employee of the town for years and has had a positive impact in each of her different roles, as secretary to the town’s volunteer special boards, as staff in the Building Department, and most importantly as staff in the Town Clerk’s office. I was recently chatting with Anthony Merante, who volunteers his time as chair of the Philipstown Planning Board, and while he was lamenting the idea that Tara may no longer be available to be the driving force of efficiency and effectiveness for our special boards, he was absolutely giddy at the idea of applying her hard work and detail oriented nature to the whole town as our clerk. The special boards will miss Tara, that’s for sure, but they will still be in great hands, as will all residents, with Tara as town clerk.

If you are a voter who decides on a candidate based on their ideas and plans, let’s talk about Tara’s plans for improving communication and information flow for residents and stakeholders throughout the town. In being the small and lightly staffed town that we are, better, clearer, easier-to-use technology like our website is a key way for Town Hall to better serve the people of Philipstown. It’s better for residents to more easily find what they need, better for Town Hall by allowing employees and leaders to be more efficient and effective. That’s just the start. And if we want to be able to commit to better technology at the town level, we need a clerk who is a digital native and knows how to put these tools to use. There is only one clerk candidate who can delivery that for Philipstown.

Please join me in voting Tara Percacciolo for Philipstown town clerk.

Christopher Daly, Philipstown
Daly is the chair of Philipstown Democrats.

A lot of people take their right to vote for granted, if they even think about their vote at all. We still have terrible turnout rates for elections, especially in off-year elections. But I know how important it is to vote. I became an American citizen last year just so I could vote. Elections matter, especially at the local level.

On Nov. 5, I will be casting my vote for Camille Linson for Putnam County judge, Judy Farrell for Town Council and Tara Percacciolo for Town Clerk, and the rest of Team Philipstown. I am so grateful that I live in this community and that I can vote for the people who best represent me.

Krystal Ford, Garrison

I am reaching out to all of my fellow Philipstown residents asking them to support my sister, Judy Farrell, for Philipstown Town Council on Nov. 5. Judy’s compassion and expertise for public service is represented by a successful professional career spanning more than 30 years delivering public-service programs, improving services, reducing costs and providing efficient, effective solutions while reducing burdens for taxpayers. Her ability to listen to all community members and work with all levels of government or business gives her the skills to deliver for her constituents.

Judy is an active community volunteer, advocate for seniors and veterans, and PTA mom. Judy is a smart and personable leader and an asset to the community and Town Council. Please join me and vote for Judy Farrell.

Peter Farrell, Cold Spring

Councilman Robert Flaherty’s dedication to Philipstown own is a primary reason that I enjoy a high quality of life here. Bob and his family understand the importance of public service and he has served the citizens of Philipstown with distinction in his time on the Town Board. I am delighted to support his candidacy for re-election and encourage the readers of The Current to do so, too.

While Bob’s service to the Town is highly visible given his many official responsibilities, I have had an opportunity to work with him in a capacity that not everyone knows about. Bob has been willing to take the extra time required to serve as a Town Board observer of the activities of the Comprehensive Plan Update Committee. Bob has provided this committee, which has been meeting for the last 18 months, with support and encouragement, particularly with respect to our successful efforts to secure a significant grant from the Hudson River Valley Greenway. Bob understands the value of having an up to date, easy to read vision statement of what we want our town to look like and stand for and his very practical counsel has been invaluable to our committee.

Nat Prentice, Garrison

I first met Corey Lyons about two years ago through a mutual friend. We spoke for a few hours about politics, education and the founding era of the country. Corey’s initial humble and quiet demeanor gave way to an intelligent and thoughtful conversation, where I realized he shared many of my concerns about our country’s history and politics: reverence for the founding of the country, the importance of our constitution and rule of law, and that government needs to be limited in scope.

Since that first meeting, I have come to understand that Corey cares deeply for local concerns. Not only does his business thrive on the condition of the local community and local economy, he believes policy and politics should never be an obstruction to being a good friend and neighbor. I find Corey to be a regular guy, comfortable in his own skin. He is well motivated, ambitious, and a self-starter. He seems to put his mind to whatever challenge confronts him and is a problem solver by nature. He runs a successful business in town, grew up in Philipstown and attended Haldane; his family is well rooted and respected in Philipstown.

The Conservative Party interviewed Corey earlier this year and he is everything we like to see in a candidate. He is sharp and has worked hard to understand what is important to everyday Americans. We in the Conservative Party like to embrace those who represent small “c” conservative values and Corey Lyons gets it and he realizes that the unique nature of our country is due to its people; particularly because the tenets expressed within the Declaration of Independence beat in the breast of every single American. I am voting for Corey Lyons for Town Council!

Keith Anderson, Philipstown
Anderson is the chairman of the Conservative Party of Philipstown.

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