In 2016 I had the pleasure of meeting Camille Linson during her successful run for town justice in Philipstown. Since then, we have developed not only a professional relationship, but I am proud to call her my friend. She is a remarkable individual and if I didn’t know her personally, I would still be writing this, just with about 30 fewer words. Camille is a breath of fresh air and always happy to meet anyone who has the opportunity to make her acquaintance; she is wonderfully humble. As Justice Linson, she is a credit to her profession, prepares diligently, and no one has more integrity.

Camille has tremendous respect for the law, the Constitution, and the rights of the individual. She is an intelligent attorney who was educated at Harvard and Oxford. Her law background is highly diversified and she is more than qualified for the job of county judge.

Two of her best qualities go hand in hand. First, she always listens intently to what people have to say! This is a lost art. She is not waiting to interrupt, and when she reveals her thoughts, they are backed with facts. I admire that she is open-minded and seems to treat every interaction as an opportunity to learn something new.

The second dovetails with the first, and that is her desire to do her best in whatever she is involved with. This is the fuel that seems to drive her. The most notable example of this has been during her tenure as town justice. She followed the lead of Judge James Reitz to implement drug treatment court practices in Philipstown. Camille would talk to me about her research and why the drug court model works, the experience she gained with Judge Reitz, and the countless hours spent researching treatment court and spending time in Reitz’s courtroom. This is something her opponent says he cares about but it seems he never found time to get around to it before he started running.

People may attempt to label Camille based on her party affiliation, but they would be so mistaken to think she will be an activist or soft on crime. Justice Linson is for justice, that’s it! If one of my loved ones had the unfortunate circumstance of being a defendant, I would want them to be treated fairly. I would want someone like Justice Linson hearing the case; someone who will be there to guarantee individual rights are retained; someone who will not be affected by outside political influences, and someone who has the guts to allow nothing but the law to point the way to justice.

I am a conservative who will be voting for Camille Linson for Putnam County judge.

Keith Anderson, Philipstown

Until his tragic passing earlier this year, we were fortunate in Putnam County to have a judge of the highest moral character, intellect and compassion. Judge Reitz’s handling of the drug court rightly earned him national praise and recognition and his commitment to help those struggling with addiction earned him admiration from residents.

It is critical that we replace him with someone who has the right experience and judicial temperament. Judge Joe Spofford is the right person for the job. Having served as Carmel Town justice for the last 20 years, he has a demonstrated record of being fair, impartial and for treating everyone who has come before him with respect.

Now is not the time for on-the-job training. We need a judge who will hit the ground running and follow through on the important work of Judge Reitz. I can think of no one better than Judge Spofford to do that job.

Cindy Trimble, Cold Spring

I know from personal experience that Camille Linson approaches issues in a careful and balanced manner and applies thoughtful judgment to solve problems. She has been doing terrific work as Philipstown justice for the past three years and I believe that she will be a worthy successor to Judge Reitz.

Robert Bickford, Philipstown

I am asking voters to come out on Nov. 5 and vote for Judge Joseph Spofford for Putnam County judge, because experience does matter.

Joe Spofford has been a judge in Carmel for the last 20 years and presides over Carmel court which averages 50 to 70 cases a night and meets four times a month. In addition, Judge Spofford has been a practicing attorney for 33 years.

Judge Spofford is a compassionate man who treats everyone with dignity and respect. Judge Spofford understands that sometimes there are underlying issues that can be the root cause of why a defendant may be before his court. Judge Spofford is a strong proponent of helping people who have an addiction to drugs or alcohol or if they have mental health issues. Judge Spofford works closely with the District Attorney’s Office and outside agencies in trying to help those who come before him get the help they need.

On the other hand, if you are before Judge Spofford and crime is the life you chose to live, Judge Spofford has no problem sending criminals to jail, if necessary.

There is a reason why the Town of Carmel PBA,  the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department PBA, the Affiliated Police Association of Westchester County, the New York State Fraternal Order of Police, the Westchester County Correction Superior Officers Association and the PBA of the New York State Troopers, Inc. have all endorsed Judge Spofford to be our next county court judge.

These law enforcement agencies, many of whom are in Judge Spofford’s court, often know firsthand that Judge Spofford is the most experienced and is best prepared to serve as our next Putnam County judge.

Robert Buckley, Mahopac

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