A Note to Readers (Updated)

Foodtown removed The Current from its media rack and stacked them under a trash can behind the counter.

Update: Noah Katz, who is co-president of Foodtown with his brother, Daniel Katz, posted on the Facebook group Cold Spring Neighbors later in the day that the store had “terminated the employee [Hustis] when this happened. We value the safety of our employees and our customers above all else. In fact, the employee is not allowed on our premises. We will fully cooperate with law enforcement as needed.”

He added: “Please be aware that the newspapers are [back] on the rack. I just called the store to verify this. Please let me also add that we, along with our entire amazing staff, wish only to serve you, the wonderful residents of the community, and provide a great shopping experience. That is what everyone is trying to stay focused on in the store. We are trying to stay focused on serving you so that you may have a wonderful holiday. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions [at] 914-667-6400, ext. 1011 or [email protected].”

Foodtown in Cold Spring has removed The Highlands Current from the rack at its exit, apparently because of a front-page report this week on the arrest by the FBI in its parking lot of one of its managers, Chuck Hustis, on a charge of child enticement. Hustis was a Cold Spring mayoral candidate this past fall, a former two-term Village Board member and a former substitute teacher for the Haldane school district.

We appreciate Foodtown allowing us to distribute The Current from its rack but don’t believe this is the proper way to respond to news coverage. Until next week’s issue arrives on Dec. 27, there are many other retailers in Philipstown and Beacon where readers can find the paper, as well as in our blue boxes, such as the one outside Drug World or our office at 142 Main St. We also offer mail delivery for $30 per year.

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