Tesla Charging Coming to Route 9

Tesla plans this spring to install 12 charging stations — seen here in an architect’s rendering — at the Hudson Valley Towne Center on Route 9 in Fishkill. (Image provided)

4 thoughts on “Tesla Charging Coming to Route 9

  1. Twelve stations might seem excessive except that these types of cars typically require hours to charge. The photo implies it might be a Tesla Supercharger station, requiring between an hour to an hour and a half. That’s enough time presumably to see a movie or eat a dinner, likely activities given the site indicated appears to be proximate to the Regal Theaters Fishkill and to nearby restaurants and shopping.

    Quite apart from the utility, or futility, depending on each individual’s needs, of the electric car, this area, very close to the intersection of Routes 9 and 84 is ideal for the development into a formal, regional transportation hub. That might mean regular local, regional, and long distance bus, possibly train, services, and some sort of a tangible and physical transportation facility, as much as it would mean a destination and parking for taxis, Teslas, bicycles, and the like.

    This however would require a major change/advance in transportation strategy and culture. It would also require a tremendous amount of regional cooperation and planning between the many governmental jurisdictions potentially involved – Dutchess and Putnam counties, the Town of Fishkill, the state of New York (Route 9 planning) and the federal government (Route 84 planning).

  2. Do all electric charging stations charge all brands of cars? Or are they brand specific? I noticed in a few shopping centers in Connecticut and New Jersey. The charging stations were placed in areas that were previously for handicap and handicap spots were moved further away.

    • The stations will only charge Tesla vehicles. David Livshin of the Dagar Group, which manages the Hudson Valley Towne Center, said the stations will be located far from any buildings or stores and will not displace any handicapped spaces.

  3. As difficult as charging stations may be to implement, the installation in the spring of 12 Tesla charging stations on Route 9 in Fishkill is a promising start for a relatively small community. If we are to leave a livable planet for our children and grands and greats, etc., electric vehicles will have to be a major part of that future.

    I hope we are smart enough to figure it out economically and politically, care enough to raise a resounding collective voice and open-minded enough to select policy-makers who will get it done.