Loretto Knights Results (Weeks 5, 6, 7)

Catholic Youth Organization basketball results

3rd grade boys (1-7)

Lost to Ann Seton (Shrub Oak) 16-3
Nicki Gaugler (2), Lughan McIlwaine (1)

Lost to St. Theresa (Briarcliff) 16-6
Tyler Powers (5)

Lost to Reformed Church (Bronxville) 12-5
Nicki Gaugler (2), Tyler Powers (2)

4th grade girls (5-2)

Defeated St. John and St. Mary (Katonah) 18-17
Drew Kelly (12)

Defeated OLPH St. Catherine (Pelham) 16-8
Drew Kelly (14)

Defeated St. John Bosco 24-2
Drew Kelly (10)

4th grade boys (2-4)

Defeated St. Anthony (Yonkers) 18-15
Sam Poses (8)

Defeated Holy Name (Croton) 12-9
Luke Ruggierio (6)

Lost to Reformed Church (Bronxville) 25-4
Gus Skiptunis (2) and Luke Ruggiero (2)

Carmella McDaniel shoots for the eighth-grade girls’ team. (Photo provided)

5th grade girls (5-2)

Defeated St. Anthony (Yonkers) 18-14
Hailey Hartnet (11)

Defeated St. Anthony (Yonkers) 14-5
Cara McMahon (6)

Lost to St. Catherine (Pelham) 20-7
Elena Johanson (4)

5th grade boys white (2-6)

Lost to OLPH St. Catherine (Pelham) 19-14
Lost to St. Joseph Red (Bronxville) 23-16
Defeated St. Joseph Blue (Bronxville) 43-26
Lost to Saint Catherine (Pelham) 24-12

5th grade boys blue (1-4)

Lost to IHM (Scarsdale) 16-13
Defeated Holy Name (Croton) 20-17
David Powliss (6), Cooper Corless (6), Sal Pidala (4), Marco DiLello (4)

6th grade girls (2-3)

Defeated St. Lawrence (Brewster) 23-12
Dylan Ambrose (8), Marisa Peters (5)

Lost to Holy Name (Valhalla) 29-25
Marisa Peters (14), Kayla Ruggiero (8)

Lost to Saint Columbanus (Peekskill) 13-10

Defeated Holy Innocent Black (Pleasantville) 22-10
Kayla Ruggiero (8), Marisa Peters (8)

6th grade boys (3-3)

Lost to St. Johns (Mahopac) 26-25

Defeated St. Johns (Mahopac) 25-21
Luke Bozsik (8 points)

Lost to Ann Seton (Shrub Oak) 32-26
Ty Vilella (9), Luke Bozsik (9)

Ruby Poses fires a shot for the eighth-grade girls. (Photo provided)

8th grade girls (4-3)

Lost to Holy Innocent (Pleasantville) 32-21
Ruby Poses (7), Eloise Pearsall (7)

Lost to Immaculate Conception (Irvington) 33-28
Camilla McDaniel (12), Amelia Kupper (6)

Lost to Immaculate Conception (Irvington) 33-23
Ruby Poses (11)

8th grade boys (4-3)

Lost to Immaculate Conception (Irvington) 49-32
Milo Shuk (14)

Lost to Sacred Heart (Yonkers) 38-31
Milo Shuk (10), Evan Giachinta (10) 

Defeated St. James (Carmel) 43-24
Milo Shuk (9), Jack Hartman (9), Evan Giachinta (8)

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