Angel Elektra
Angel Elektra (Photo provided)

Angel Elektra will present a Drag Queen Story Hour for children at the Putnam Valley Library on Saturday, Feb. 1. Registration is full.

What books do you use in your story hours?
We read all kinds of stories that deal with acceptance, love and tolerance; that’s what we want kids to take away from the experience. Examples include The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Julian is a Mermaid. All books are approved by the local librarians and have absolutely nothing to do with sexuality.  

What is your goal?
I’m changing the world by dressing up as my favorite characters. I can’t tell you how many children have approached me with stories of not being accepted. Is that the world we want to live in? When I was a child I needed this kind of experience to help me identify myself. Unfortunately, there was no program like DQSH.

How do you respond to a local Catholic priest who wrote that programs such as yours “promote gender confusion in innocent children and spread immoral disordered ideas among children and adults”?
The program does not promote gender confusion. We simply do what a librarian does, except with a little sparkle. Immoral disorder? That shouldn’t even be a conversation. I was raised in a Christian household and taught to love one another and not judge one another. Catholic priests should reevaluate themselves and worry about the mishaps they are involved in.

What do you think are the misconceptions and fears some people have regarding those who are not heterosexual?
They fear drag queens are pedophiles. My mission is to change that perspective. Drag is an art form. It has no gender; anyone can do drag! I do it because I enjoy performing; I studied musical theater and doing drag allows me to embrace creativity. I am a married, gay man. It’s all about expressing love and acceptance.

What would you say to parents who are unsure about bringing their child?
Parents can bring them if they wish, or not! Eventually the child will be able to make his or her own decisions.

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