3rd grade boys (1-11)

Lost 21-10 to St. Johns (Mahopac)
Nicki Gaugler (4) , Seamus Mooney (2), Will Valentine (2), Theo Swan (2)

Lost 26-22 (OT) to St. Patrick (Armonk)
Tyler Powers (10), Lughan McIlwaine (6), Nicki Gaugler (4), Brian Rommel (2)

4th grade boys (4-8)

Won 7-6
Sam Poses (3)

Lost 26-7
Sam Poses (4)

Lost 15-14
Gavin Drury (4), Luke Ruggierro (4)

5th grade girls (5-3)

Lost 22-8 to Our Lady of Perpetual Help (Pelham)
Liv Holmbo (2) Elena Johanson (2) Cora McMahon (2) Hailey Harnett (2)

6th grade girls (5-6)

Lost 20-6 to Our Lady of Sorrows (White Plains)

Won, 21-12, against All Saints (Montrose)
Kayla Ruggiero (12)

Lost 27-25 (OT) to Holy Name (Croton)
Kayla Ruggiero (11), Marisa Peters (9)

6th grade boys (8-4)

Lost 33-31

Won 39-32
Luke Bozsik (15)

8th grade girls (7-6) 

The 8th-grade girls’ team

Defeated Transfiguration (Tarrytown), 33-21
Ruby Poses (14), Camilla McDaniel (11)

Defeated St. John and St. Marys (Katonah), 33-12
Camilla McDaniel (21), Ruby Poses (6), Amelia Kupper (6)

Lost to Our Lady of Perpetual Help (Ardsley), 29-25
Ruby Poses (13), Camilla McDaniel (10)

Lost to Our Lady of Sorrow (White Plains), 23-18
Camilla McDaniel (14)

8th grade boys (9-3)

The 8th-grade boys’ team

Defeated St. Theresa (Briarcliff), 61-42

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