Around Town (Photos)

RIVER VISITOR — Kevin Bierfeldt was walking his dog on the Cold Spring waterfront on Sunday (Feb. 16) when he spotted a harbor seal swimming in the Hudson River. His fiancee, Brena Negersmith, posted a video on Facebook, from which this image was taken. The state Department of Environmental Conservation says it’s not unusual to spot seals in the estuary. Last March a seal was seen on an ice floe in Albany, about 150 miles inland from the Atlantic. They swim upriver looking for fish.

WHERE’S MY PHONE? — Re-enactors from the 4th Connecticut Regiment, 5th Connecticut Regiment, 5th New York Regiment and Lamb’s Artillery Company & Morgan’s Rifle Corps gathered on President’s Day weekend at Washington’s Headquarters State Historic Site in Newburgh. (Photo by Ross Corsair)

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