Greyson Ciganer (1993-2020)

Greyson Ciganer

Greyson Leib Ciganer, 26, died Feb. 6, 2020, of an opioid overdose.

Born Dec. 11, 1993, he was the son of Phil and Mary Ciganer, owners of the Towne Crier Cafe in Beacon.

His parents, in a written memorial, said their son’s life “was tragically cut short by a drug dependence nurtured by the unbounded and immoral greed of big pharma. He got hopelessly caught in a cruel web of addiction and, despite his endless efforts to get clean, was not able to free himself.”

They added that “Greyson will always be remembered as the bright, beautiful and happy child that he was, who smiled easily and made friends wherever he went. During his childhood travels with Phil and Mary, and even in later years when he and his dad became perfectly paired travel companions, Greyson was fascinated by the people he met while traveling.”

His parents said he distinguished himself in the study of the sciences and “with natural charm” became one of the most popular servers at the Towne Crier.

“He discovered the natural beauty of minerals at a young age and was able to express that love through his extraordinary talent for designing jewelry,” his parents said.

A Concert for Recovery benefit will be held at the Towne Crier, 379 Main St., at 4 p.m. on Sunday, March 1, to honor Greyson and benefit Drug Crisis in Our Backyard (

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