Letter: Earth Day Prep

In these strange times, a walk in nature at the end of a long day in the hospital goes a long way to relieve my mind a bit.

trashDuring recent excursions with my husband, I noticed an abundance of trash along the roads and hiking trails within our neighborhood.

I recently started bringing trash bags with me when I go outside, to collect debris as I walk.

Today, I decided to drive to Snake Hill Road to collect discarded items. The result of 45 minutes of trash pickup is depicted in the photo. (I had to leave other debris behind, after both of the large trash bags I carried were full.)

I would like to motivate people within our community, especially during these times of isolation, to start doing the same — if a few people do this on a small scale like I did, we can achieve a lot! School kids that have an abundance of energy and are homebound might find satisfaction in contributing to the beautification of our community, and the protection of our environment.

Earth Day on April 22 is the perfect reason to mobilize as a community!

Dr. Sven Wenske, Garrison

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