Song of the Moment

Stephen Clair, owner of the Beacon Music Factory, on April 11 released a song about the effects of the COVID-19 shutdown called “Welcome to the World Now.” Hear it at Sample lyrics:

Everybody’s lining up to get on the dole / Without leaving the house or going to school / They pulled another trillion outta thin air / While I barely have the gumption to cut my own hair.

Welcome to the world now / It’s something new pal / We’re no longer waiting for the other shoe / It came off easy / It nearly hit me / So I just ran inside, hoping to stay alive, and I went online, to tell the whole grapevine.

Nobody’s saying what they really think / But they’re blowing up the internet meeting for drinks / You can see where this is heading, it’s like we’ve all gone to heaven / Happy hour with your best friends, twenty-four seven 

There’s people on the front line risking their lives / While the government goes on polishing their knives / Most of us are stuck home but we’ve got TV / And who knew wine delivery is free?

How will anybody fall in love over Zoom / I think it already happened, a Zoom bride and groom / A little disembodied but I love you for your mind / Honey could you stand where I can see you in the light?

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