Spring is upon us and people will be getting back to their routine lawn care. Yesterday, I witnessed some landscape workers, not practicing social distancing or wearing protective masks, using a leaf blower to clean up grass clippings.

I told my children not to play outside because there was a lot of dust and debris being blown into our yard and all over our outdoor furniture. Leaf blowers send projectiles, including viruses and bacterium, into the air at a speed of 185 mph.

Not only are they loud and a nuisance, they present a health hazard.

They have been banned in most towns in Westchester, outside of the fall leaf cleanup.

I know this is a controversial issue around here, but I urge our local communities to consider placing a temporary restriction on these blowers during this crisis. With everyone staying at home, the least we deserve is to be able to enjoy our outdoor spaces in safety and in peace.

Kimberly Sevilla, Cold Spring

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3 replies on “Letter: Blowing in the Wind”

  1. In general, the noise pollution from leaf blowers is beyond acceptance. It seems that there is no peace and quiet. Restrictions as to the hour and/or the days they can be used is the very least that should be considered. At least you could be guaranteed a little quiet time. Usually, the landscapers come when the weekenders are away, so when they return they are not bothered. I get this, but what about the people who actually live here? How about a Monday to Wednesday ordinance from 9 to 11 a.m. or 3 to 5 p.m.? There’s nothing worse than trying to enjoy a beautiful day outdoors on the deck with the constant drone of a leaf blower. I have taken to living with my Bose headphones, which still don’t block them out. Something is wrong with this picture.

  2. A property in the Village had the leaf blowers going all day Sunday, then again additional hours each day this week. First they used the gas engine to blow leaves from the house gutters which, since they were wet, took over an hour just on that part. Then they proceeded over the whole property. It took an eternity.

    Sunday was the type of day you would relish being out, sitting on your porch. But the sounds were deafening, even a distance away. We all need to de-stress much more than someone needs to blow wet leaves. Mulching mowers and rakes are great inventions. That job would have been done in half the time. Consider your folks blocks away, before firing up those gasoline engines. Sound carries!

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