Letter: Thank You to Dr. Ligenza

We all need to be thankful Cold Spring village has Dr. Cynthia Ligenza. Not only is she caring for all of her regular patients who have COVID-19, she is working 12-hour shifts at the hospital caring for patients who are on ventilators. I know for a fact that patients call her in the middle of the night, never thinking this doctor needs rest to be ready to be out there the next day and the day after that.

Her assistant, Terry Alexander, is out there helping as well. Even though people always think that’s the way Dr. Ligenza and Terry should perform their service for us, it is obvious this is putting a strain on these medical providers.

Bill Whipp, Cold Spring

2 thoughts on “Letter: Thank You to Dr. Ligenza

  1. What a lovely letter. Couldn’t agree more. Let’s hope they’re getting the personal protection equipment that they need. Both are truly unsung heroes, so thank you for this.

  2. Bill is certainly right. Dr. Ligenza and NP Alexander are rare gems. They not only are incredibly skillful and empathic as medical professionals, their dedication leads them to contribution way beyond the “normal” call of duty. I am sure there are scores of local residents who can tell deeply personal family stories about the special care and comfort they have given over the many years of selfless service to the local community as well as to the patients in the hospital.