State Ends STAR for Some

Those behind on tax payments won’t get benefit

The State of New York on April 1 changed the Basic STAR program, which provides homeowners with a break on their school taxes, so that anyone who is a year or more behind on payments will not receive the credit until they are paid up.

Putnam County Executive MaryEllen Odell voiced her opposition to the change in a statement on April 30, saying “this is not a time to penalize homeowners who have fallen behind in their property tax payments.” She added: “These kind of budget shenanigans may make state finances look better, but they amount to nothing more than hitting people when they are down.”

The state Department of Taxation and Finance plans this month to notify those who will lose their Basic STAR credit. The Enhanced STAR program, which is for seniors, was not affected. Property owners who have an adjusted gross annual income of more than $500,000 are not eligible for the credit.

2 thoughts on “State Ends STAR for Some

  1. What age must a person be to qualify for the Enhanced STAR program?

    • According to the state, all owners of the property must be at least age 65 as of December 31 of the year of the exemption, except where the property is jointly owned by only a married couple or only siblings, in which case only one owner needs to meet the age requirement. You also have to earn $88,050 or less annually based on the adjusted gross income from your tax returns. (The income limit applies to the combined incomes of all owners, residents and non-residents, and any owner’s spouse who resides at the property.) If you are not a new homeowner and already participate in the STAR program, you can apply for the Enhanced STAR here.