Garrison Middle School Honor Roll

Students recognized for third-quarter grades

Academic Excellence (95+)
Alyssa Harris, Gabriel Lunin-Pack, Kim Alvarracin, Jacob Higbee, Tozai Kawabata, Jude Morrison, Morgan Murphy, Eleanor Walker, Ada Caccamise, Leo Grocott, Jazmine Kirkwood, Seth Lunin-Pack, Giovannina Manfredi, Olivia Moran, Anna-Catherine Nelson, Sophia Pitaleff, Sofia Rasic, Tyler Schacht, Henry Schimming, Louisa Schimming, Jessica Tudor, Merrick Williams

High Honor Roll (92.5-94.99)
Hunter Erickson, Lola Rosenberg, Victoria Bartholomew, Bryce Kenny, Marika McCarthy

Honor Roll (84.5-92.49)
Jon Bastys, Jack Hartman, Michael Murray, Molly Kelly, James Wynn, Nathan Armstrong, Samuel Armstrong, Aiden Kenny, Chase Kenny, George Stubbs, Jasmine Wallis

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