Early Primary Results

Biden wins Democratic line

As expected, Joe Biden on Tuesday (June 23) won the Democratic primary for president in New York state. His name appeared on the ballot with 10 other candidates, all of whom earlier had ended their campaigns.

Because absentee ballots could be postmarked as late as Election Day, the complete count is not expected until next week.

In the 18th Congressional District, which includes Putnam and part of Dutchess, Biden had 73 percent of the vote as of Thursday, without absentee ballots counted, and Bernie Sanders had 18 percent. Statewide, Biden had 67 percent. Dutchess said it had received 15,203 absentee ballots as of Wednesday from Democratic voters, and Putnam said it had received 4,011.

There were two Republican primaries in Putnam for seats on the county Legislature. Toni Addonizio, who represents Kent, was leading challenger Paul Denbaum, a member of the Kent Town Board, 157-107, with 160 absentee ballots received as of Wednesday, and Legislator Amy Sayegh of Mahopac was leading former Legislator Dini LoBue, 149-83, with 148 absentees.

In Dutchess, Jessica Segal had 7 votes and Peter Forman 2 in the Green Party primary for county judge, with 50 absentees received as of Wednesday, while Forman had 312 votes and Segal 145 in the Independence Party primary, with 793 absentees.

In the 18th Congressional, voters were asked to select six delegates to the Democratic National Convention from 31 candidates. Five Biden delegates, including Kent Supervisor Maureen Fleming and Randy Florke of Philipstown, led in early voting, along with a Sanders delegate.

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