Around Town (Photos)

SHIP TRIP — The USS Slater, the last of 550 World War II destroyer escorts still afloat, left Albany at 7 a.m. on Sunday (July 5) for a 20-hour journey to Staten Island for repairs, escorted by two tugs. It passed the Highlands later in the day. The Slater should be back in downtown Albany and again open to the public by Aug. 5. (Photo by Ross Corsair)

NEW SHOPS — Steven Ventura stands in front of Dirty Bacchus, his wine store at 380 Main St. in Beacon, while Tara Sweet-Flagler and her daughter, Madison, have smoothies on hand at Sweet Harvest at 82 Main St. in Cold Spring. (Photos by Brian PJ Cronin and Michael Turton)

COOL READ — Teresa Lagerman (right), The Current’s community engagement manager, handed out fresh lemonade and fresh issues of the paper on the Fourth of July outside our offices in Cold Spring.

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