How They Voted: COVID-19

Last week The Current shared the votes by Republican Sue Serino (whose state Senate district includes the Highlands), Democrat Sandy Galef (whose Assembly district includes Philipstown) and Democrat Jonathan Jacobson (whose Assembly district includes Beacon) on 12 bills that had been enacted by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Serino, Jacobson and Galef

Serino, Jacobson and Galef

The new laws included two measures related to COVID-19: one that provides a death benefit to public employees who contract the virus and another that criminalizes price-gouging on essential medical supplies and services.

Here are other COVID-related bills recently signed into law:

■ Requires state-regulated mortgage lenders and servicers to provide a six-month forbearance for those who suffer financial hardship because of COVID-19.

Senate passed 62-0 (Serino voted yes)
Assembly passed 111-33 (Galef voted yes; Jacobson voted yes)

■ Prohibits courts from issuing eviction notices for unpaid rent between March 7 and six months after the expiration of the governor’s state of emergency.

Senate passed 39-23 (Serino voted no)
Assembly passed 94-50 (Galef voted yes; Jacobson voted yes)

■ Prevents utility companies from terminating services for those who are unable to work or have had their wages reduced during the state of emergency.

Senate passed 58-4 (Serino voted yes)
Assembly passed 111-32 (Galef voted yes; Jacobson voted yes)

■ Suspends during the state of emergency the reduction of unemployment benefits issued as punishment for past false statements to the Department of Labor.

Senate passed 48-14 (Serino voted yes)
Assembly passed 97-46 (Galef voted yes; Jacobson voted yes)

■ Expands whistleblower protections to health care workers who expose improper practices concerning patient care and workplace safety.

Senate passed 61-1 (Serino voted yes)
Assembly passed 125-19 (Galef voted yes; Jacobson voted yes)

■ Requires residential health care facilities such as nursing homes to prepare by Sept. 17 a pandemic emergency plan to be reviewed and updated annually.

Senate passed 61-1 (Serino voted yes)
Assembly passed 133-11 (Galef voted yes; Jacobson voted yes)

■ Requires the Department of Health, by June 2021, to complete a study on the health impacts of COVID-19 on minority communities.

Senate passed 59-3 (Serino voted yes)
Assembly passed 143-0 (Galef voted yes; Jacobson voted yes)

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